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I used a ’99 F250 booster, and installed on a 1976 bronco with an EFI 5.0 (mustang serpentine setup from a ’93 cobra)

I found out that I had a power steering pump that would not work well for the hydroboost, so I got a rebuilt saginaw pump from napa :
Item: P/S Pump w/ Reservoir – Remfd
Product Number: NSP 819159
Quantity: 1
Price: $45.99
Core Price: $12.00
Item Total: $57.99

I found a cap for it on amazon :

Used stainless braid -6AN line for the high pressure stuff. I searched around the forum a bit to find all the fittings I needed for the booster, pump, and my stock steering box. Bought some of that stuff from summit and some from ebay, whatever was cheaper. I can post specific part numbers later.

Ordered a ps pump bracket from BC broncos which ended up not fitting either my pump or my motor. Also picked up a power steering cooler from them and a new pulley for the pump. I would not order the cooler from them again — turns out the cooler was shipped directly from the manufacturer and there was an additional shipping charge which made it more expensive than just buying one locally – and this was not indicated in any way on the site until I received the invoice for it.

I also bought a master cylinder for an ’85 dodge diplomat as recommended by another thread, but it turned out that my existing master cylinder worked fine so I saved some time and effort by just using it. Never had to bleed the brakes or mess with the lines besides bending them a little. Sold the MC already.

Here’s the booster I received from ebay

My stock master cylinder bolted up without cutting the shaft on the booster and the bolt pattern was perfect. Since I was mounting the booster on the angled bracket, I didn’t have to rotate the booster 90degrees as many do to clear my intake manifold.

The length of the rod that connects to the pedal was a problem – the stock vacuum booster’s version of this came through the angled bracket maybe 3.4-4″ while this one is considerably longer. See pics later for how I corrected that – i need to find the thread from the guy who did about the same thing who gave me the idea. He used a threaded yoke maybe you can find — I couldn’t and I tried hard. Maybe consider ordering one online before you get started.

heres the bracket that didnt work

original ps pump bracket with some notches cut so the new pump would center on it, before doing some more work to it

new pump with AN fitting hand tightened into it

Some of the bolt holes in the pump were not under the original bracket so I got some steel and made it fit to the bracket as best I could. I was doing all this at my parents house at Christmas time so I didn’t have all my tools (no welder or compressor) so this bracket could look a lot nicer, might get re-done in the future. I don’t think I did too bad for the amount of time I spent on this and the lack of my tools

Harbor Freight pulley installer/remover worked great for the price (under 20)

here it is mounted up

The radiator hose was on top of the pump now, and the hood wouldn’t close that way and it looked terrible…

had trouble coming up with a configuration of spliced together radiator hose sections w/ exhaust tubing from advance, then found a corvette forum where the dude used a sink drain pipe for a radiator hose section. Worked out real well for me and I think it looks pretty good. It was like $10, i cut it to size and flared the ends slightly with a ball peen hammer

I was pretty lazy about painting it but I did put a coat of paint on the booster before i did all this

Here’s where I mounted my cooler

picked up some new transmission/power steering cooler line from advance along with some stainless hose clamps from lowes for all the low pressure line. Also got an inline power steering filter from amazon. wish id got 2 of those, they are cheap. I put mine on the low pressure side after the booster.

I used the existing return fitting on the booster, and cut the steel line coming out of the low pressure fitting on the steering box and flared it a little with a punch and clamped the hose around it.

and heres a pic i forgot to include earlier – existing booster connected:


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